So what car tires do you need?

Sticky beyond belief; quiet highway touring; or one that does everything.

All the major tire manufactures make great tires. Knowing what is best for you is the trick. Our knowledgeable tire team listens to you, clarifies your driving style and application then recommends a few tires to narrow down your options so you can make the best decision.

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3-Season Car Tires

all season car tires3-season tires are an excellent choice for many Vancouver drivers. They're long lasting and designed for 3-season use. They deliver the stability and handling of the majority of the safe drivers' needs for spring, summer & fall.

3-Season Tire for Vancouver Weather

  • Safe, reliable 3-season performance
  • Maintains grip and control in wet conditions and stability and handling at high speeds on dry summer roads

Performance Car Tiresall season car tires

Performance tires are designed primarily for high performance applications on sport compact cars, sports sedans and coupes. Most performance tires have a higher speed ratings. These are considered very "sticky" and are designed for the best handing and stability. Many offer a good balance in dry and wet traction performance. The sticky trade-off is shorter tire life than all-season tires.

Winter Car Tires

all season car tiresWinter tires are not just for snow but also for frost, ice, slush and all cold weather conditions; perfect for the Vancouver winter driving conditions. Winter tires feature enhanced snow tire traction technology for dig, grip and braking; maintaining traction in low temperatures even with a thin water layer on ice. Winter tires are one of the most researched and technically advanced products you will ever install on your vehicle.

Although a all-season tire with a M&S (Mud & Snow) rating will keep the authorities happy when travelling outside the Vancouver Lower mainland (GVRD). True winter tires are much safe if you travel regularily at high elevations or in the mountain roads like the Sea To Sky or Coquihalla.

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