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The ultra-high performance Proxes T1 Sport is Toyo’s latest summer tire designed for high-end sport coupes and sedans. It combines the undisputable performance characteristics of a Proxes tire with the comfort and safety of a luxury Toyo Product.

Toyo Tires goal was to ensure that your replacement performance tires not only maintained the performance qualities built into your original equipment tire, but exceeded them as well.

The Toyo Proxes T1 Sport meets this challenge by offering an ultra-high performance tire with added handling characteristics in dry or wet weather combined with great looks.

Wide Outer Blocks
  • By incorporating large blocks on the outside of the tread design contact is increased and improves the blocks rigidity improving handling and steering response. The design ensures great road grip and feel.
Wide Straight Grooves
  • Grooves provide a wide water channel for improved wet weather  performance under all conditions
Inner rib and Notch
  • A unique inside notched rib design enhances block rigidity improving braking performance. By locking the blocks together it also reduces irregular wear resulting in a quieter more comfortable ride
Advanced High Stiffness Compound
  • A special bonding agent helps the elements of the tire compound to better interact with each other creating a superior bond for higher rigidity.
  • This advanced compounding method is applied to the inside and outside of the tire tread at specific levels to maximize the tires ability to  handle stresses placed on the tire tread. The results are a better designed, better performing tire.
Wide Centre Rib
  • A unique wide centre rib improves straight line stability while also improving cornering response. The results are a tire that turns quickly however maintains straight-line stability during high speed highway driving.
Asymmetric, Non-Directional Tread Design
  • Inside technology - Engineered for improved braking and cornering performance
  • Outside technology - Engineered for quick responsive steering and driving stability

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