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Winter Tires


Tailor-made braking specialist for compact and midrange cars.

Designed for extreme braking manoeuvres.
  • Improved stopping on snow due to a high number of blocks in the shoulder area
  • Outstanding braking performance on icy and wet roads
  • Designed to work in harmony with today’s electronic driving safety systems
  • Superb fuel-efficiency

Handling on dry roads.
Feature: Stiffening base plate
Effect: Better absorption of lateral forces
Benefit: Better handling

Feature: Arrow-shaped groove
Effect: Rapid water drainage
Benefit: High aquaplaning safety

Snow braking and snow handling.
Feature: High number of blocks in the shoulder
Effect: More gripping edges, better molding effect in the snow, deep indenting with snow, better snow/snow gripping
Benefit: Better snow braking and snow handling, excellent snow traction

Braking on ice and wet
Feature: High block rigidity in tread pattern center in the circumference direction, high number of sipes
Effect: Maximised gripping edge formation
Benefit: Excellent braking effect on ice and wet roads

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