Ride quality, durability and fuel economy

SUV and CUV tires address a variety of performance, light off-road and general driving conditions. Most are engineered to allow for heavier loads or towing.

As most of the vehicles in this category offer electronic traction control it is important that overall wear should be similar between tires and it is recommended all 4 tires are the same brand and model so the grip is similar.

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Need help choosing the right tires for your vehicle? Not only can Miles Tire supply you with tires for every budget and application, but the tire expertise only available from a tire specialist. You just don't get that from a company that generates most of its revenue from selling housewares or thousands of parts.

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All-Season (3-season) Tires

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Affordable & Long Lasting

A highway tread is an all-season, light truck tire designed for optimal ride comfort, quiet performance and handling during city and highway use.

Many offer a continuous shoulder rib which leads to longer wear, the best fuel economy and a quiet ride. The trade-off is loss of traction in off-road conditions.

All-Weather Tires

All-Weather tires are an excellent choice for many Canadian drivers. The best selection of all-weather tires are available at Miles Tire
All-Season and Winter In One Tire

All Weather Tires are becoming increasingly popular as their flexibility and design benefit a variety of drivers and driving preferences. Designed to handle both All-Season and Winter conditions, All Weather Tires concentrate their compound and tread patterns on light to moderate rain, ice and snow conditions, resulting in a tire that contains the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake designation, and can be used year-round.

Winter Tires

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The very best in winter traction

Winter tires are not just for snow but also for frost, ice, slush and all cold weather conditions; perfect for the Vancouver winter driving conditions. Winter tires feature enhanced snow tire traction technology for dig, grip and braking; maintaining traction in low temperatures even with a thin water layer on ice. Winter tires are one of the most researched and technically advanced products you will ever install on your vehicle.

Although a all-season tire with a M&S (Mud & Snow) rating will keep the authorities happy when travelling outside the Vancouver Lower mainland (GVRD). True winter tires are much safe if you travel regularily at high elevations or in the mountain roads like the Sea To Sky or Coquihalla.

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